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Irish Whiskey is The Fastest Growing Whiskey Category in the World

Irish Whiskey was officially the fastest growing spirits category in the world over the past decade, with 140% growth in sales from 2010 to 2020. Sales of Irish Whiskey have continued to increase in 2021 in our most important markets including Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Steady growth has also been seen in emerging markets including Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Irish Whiskey is now being sold in 140 markets globally.

We Sell Irish Whiskey in large Quantities

We partner with domestic and international distilleries, bottlers, retailers, whiskey brokers and private customers to provide them with their ideal Irish whiskey offering.
We offer Irish distillate in bulk (minimum 1000 litre IBC*) and casks (120 litre barrels)

*Intermediate Bulk Container

From New Fill To Variable Age Statements

OIST sells new fill, 1- and 2-year-old Irish distillate as well as Irish whiskey (3-year-old).
The new fill casks are stored in our bonded warehouse in Ireland.
Other age statements may be available on request.

  • Triple-distilled Irish Malt
  • Double-distilled Irish Malt
  • Single Grain Whiskey
  • Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

Triple-distilled Irish Malt

This is what Ireland has become famous for: The triple distillation allows you to push up the flavour spectrum, creating a whiskey that is fragrant, floral, sweet, and spicy. Our Irish Single Malt Whiskey spirit is made using 100% malted barley, distilled in copper pots and has a typical casking strength of 63% ABV.
Tasting notes of a 3-year-old triple-distilled Single Malt that was matured in a first fill Bourbon cask:
- Aromas: Sweet vanilla, oranges and lemon
- Palate: Flavours of pineapples, vanilla and lemon cake
- Finish: Soft, a little spicy and some gentle oak.

Double-distilled Irish Malt

Double-distilled Single Malt retains a heavier feel, which is most synonymous with Scotch. Our double-distilled Single Malt is produced from barley which is malted in Ireland and is double distilled in copper pot stills. The spirit has a typical casking strength of 63% ABV and is filled in first fill ex-American bourbon barrels . Tasting note of a 3-year-old double-distilled Single Malt that was matured in a first fill Bourbon cask:
- Aromas: Barley with hints of apricot, blueberry, vanilla and toasted bread
- Palate: Fruity and soft with gentle almond notes
- Finish: Dry, slightly spiced and toasted note.

Single Grain Whiskey

Single Grain Whiskey is traditionally used in blends in Ireland. Our Grain Whiskey uses maize with a small percentage of malted barley in the mash bill. The grain spirit is triple-distilled in columns, resulting in a light and delicate whiskey spirit The spirit has a typical casking strength of 68.5% ABV and is filled in first fill ex-American Bourbon barrels Tasting note of a 3-year-old Single Grain Whiskey that was matured in a first fill bourbon cask:
- Aromas: Fruity and herbal aromas Palate: Soft and citrus, tangerine flavours.
- Finish: Smooth and mellow with a little spice.

Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

Single Pot Still Whiskey is completely unique to Ireland, thanks to its distinctive history. The Irish Pot Still spirit has a typical casking strength of 63% ABV in first fill ex-American Bourbon barrels Tasting note of a 3-year-old triple-distilled Single Pot Still that was matured in a first fill Bourbon cask:
- Aromas: Almonds, plum jam, hazelnut paste, linseeds, apricots, apples, and pears.
- Palate: Flavours of morello cherries and almonds.
- Finish: Red fruits and a gentle touch of spice.

From Liquid to Brand


Grace O’Malley Spirits is dedicated to the eponymous legendary Irish pirate queen. The Grace O’Malley team noticed the growing trend of female empowerment and saw the opportunity to revive the spirit of the rebellious leader. The team wanted to design an international brand with local heritage and approached OIST to bring a distinctive Irish whiskey to the world. The brand’s flagship whiskey is Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey, a special blend due to its 46% malt content. OIST has supported Grace O’Malley Spirits through offering access to its vast portfolio of whiskey and experimenting with unique cask finishes and flavour profiles. Grace O’Malley Whiskey is currently being distributed to over 20 international markets and recently won Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

We Know Where To Bottle Your Whiskey

Our partner company, Good Spirits Bottling (GSB) is available to provide third party private label contract manufacturing and bottling services to OIST customers. GSB is available to offer an efficient solution for medium level bottling runs, tailor-made bottling requirements and single cask fills to the market. Prices are available on request.

For further information please Contact GSB

Expertise and Passion

Industry: Alcohol (Bulk Spirits/ Wholesale)
Channel: Bulk trade (Domestic / International) / Private Label
Territory: International
Stock: New fill to 20+ year old casks

Stefan Hansen,

Berlin-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Private Pier Industries, Stefan Hansen is the CEO of OIST. Stefan has significant experience in strategy, operations and corporate development across the food & beverage industry and is an active member of the Irish Whiskey Association.

Seán Keogh,
Chief Business Development Manager.

Seán joined the OIST team as Business Development Manager focusing on developing and implementing production and route to market strategies for the company. He has significant experience in the alcohol industry and works closely with our partner distillery to ensure the best service possible for our OIST customers. Seán also holds a General Certificate in Distilling (GCD-IBD) and is a member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Anne-Marie Kelly,
Sales Manager.

Anne-Marie has commercial experience in the food & beverage industry in both Ireland and Germany and was recently awarded a master’s in international marketing practice with focus on the global food and drink industry. She joined the OIST team as Sales Manager for bulk and cask sales and is available to assist prospective OIST customers on private/white label projects, bulk purchases and RTD drink development.